Barbie in Bodo/Boro attire

Doll in beautiful Bodo/Boro attire. Enjoy this beautiful BAGURUMBA Dance! I have more projects lined up to be published in the coming days. Make sure »

Barbie in Adi attire (Padam gale)

It is Solung again today, and here is Barbie in another Adi attire - the Padam gale. It's been three years since I published my first »

Padmaavat Doll

Presenting the Padmaavat doll based on Deepika Padukone's attire in the "Ghoomar" song from her latest film "Padmaavat". Hope you like it! And here is the »

Barbie doll in Tripuri attire

While I was away, there have been very "vocal" requests for the Tripuri attire. There have been questions, as to why I missed Tripura while I »