Barbie doll in Tripuri attire

While I was away, there have been very "vocal" requests for the Tripuri attire. There have been questions, as to why I missed Tripura while I covered all other states of the North-East India.

I wasn't really planning on ignoring Tripura, it's just that motherly duties called, before I could start work on the Tripuri attire.

I am back from my long maternity break 😊

My first project after the break is the Tripuri attire for Barbie dolls. Hope you like it.

The Tripuri women's attire consists of risa, rikutu, and rigwnai. Risa is the blouse, rikutu is the top, and rigwnai is the wrap-skirt.

/content/images/2017/03/tripuri-attire-for-dolls-2.jpg /content/images/2017/03/tripuri-attire-for-dolls-3.jpg

I will be continuing my work as usual now, and might even include video shoots for future projects.

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