Barbie in Khasi attire

Presenting Barbie in the traditional attire of the Khasis of Meghalaya, India. I had a lot of fun creating this one, and we are experimenting with »

Barbie in Mizo attire

I dam thin maw? 😊 So, here is Barbie in the the Mizo women's attire. You might be familiar with it from the Cheraw dance (Mizo bamboo »

Barbie in Tagin attire

On the occasion of Si-Donyi, I present Barbie in the attire of the Tagins of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Si-Donyi is the main festival of the Tagins, »

Barbie in Idu Mishmi attire

Presenting Barbie in the ethnic attire of the Idu Mishmis from Arunachal Pradesh. This attire was suggested by my mother :) The Idu Mishmis are primarily settled »