What color is the dress?

If you haven't been living under an "e-rock", you probably have heard about and have an opinion about this dress by now.

Some say, it is "white and gold"; some say it is "blue and black". Both the camps are adamantly convinced about their perception, and neither is willing to come to a compromise.

A lot have been said and dicussed about the color of the dress. It has been covered by The Guardian, Wired, The Independent, CNN, and multiple media outlets and websites. So this is not going to be another analysis of the matter.

I just want to present "the dress" in both the color combinations for Barbie dolls.

Modelling for the dresses are our doll models, Amber (blond) and Purple (Brunette).

Now that the dress is available in both "white and gold" and "blue and black"; which color combination do you like more? Comment below and share with your friends.

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Extra: The makers of the dress discuss the "true colors" of the dress at Ellen's show.